Hand Painted Cake with Wafer Paper Flowers


I made this cake for a Sweet 16 birthday Party, I absolutely love the way it came out. So completely girlie! To achieve this look: I stacked, layered and iced the yellow cake with White Chocolate and strawberry filling. Then covered the cake with my fresh homemade fondant. After that I airbrushed the 6in tier a baby blue color.
To create the Wafer Paper flowers I used my food safe “Cake Cricut” and since the cake Mats for the cricut are not sticky I taped down the outside edges and then had the cricut cut out the delicate petals. I then used my air brush to color the wafer paper
 *Tip: Use a vodka/water mixture with the airbrush colors because you want it to dry faster (if the wafer paper gets too wet it will disintegrate, if you just lightly get it wet you can get a more realistic petal formation) 
 *Tip: Use the left over outside edges of the wafer paper as a “color tester” before you actually start coloring the wafer flower petals
Then I pre mixed gel colors and used a layering technique to paint on the flowers.
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