Grandma’s Buttercream Frosting Recipe

Nana’s Buttercream Frosting   Going through my Nana’s vintage cake decorating books    “Magic for your table Cake table  Food Decorating by Wilton”     I found this Recipe stapled to the inside cover page. She used to make it with mostly with Crisco to that it would hold its shape better. It Reads: 1 […]

Grandma’s Secret Duncan Hines Remix Recipe

 My Nana made all kinds of delicious cakes and this was one of her staple “Remix” Cake recipe’s.    Instructions:  1 Duncan cake mix ¾ cup of water ⅓ cup of vegetable Oil 3 large eggs Vanilla 1 tsp Nana’s Secret ingredient – Get a single serving of yogurt with the mixed fruit at […]